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Default Re: Official Video Thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
How do you control it, a gamepad? I used to play some old Superbike games with my joystick...
IMO that's a big problem with bike games/sims, there isn't an ideal input device for those games. Like a wheel for a car racing sim.
I use my 360 pc gamepad,analog throttle/brake with the shoulder buttons for manual gears,it works well enough.The biggest problem is that the bike moves so much,with the suspension loading/unloading the ride is kinda wild so its hard to place the bike where you want it.There was a motorcycle controller available under the ducati brand,its probably discontinued now.

Never tried it but with 2 footpedals for gearshift/rearbrake it could work ,when i played gp500 there was another handmade unit available but that was very expensive.

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