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I installed them on RH9 today with no problems at all.

Here's my procedure:
- Upgraded kernel (rpm -ivh filename.rpm).
- Rebooted, because there's a new kernel to log into at bootup.
- Installed XFree86 4.3.0 'X' drivers.
- Installed Nvidia drivers:

1.) Editted my /etc/inittab file and changed the init value from "5" to "3".
2.) CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE to get to command line.
3.) Logged in with root.
4.) "sh /home/myname/"
5.) Followed the on-screen instructions and all was done.
6.) Re-editted /etc/inittab from "3" to "5".
7.) Editted /etc/X11 and changed "nv" to "nvidia".

All sorted. The full instructions are on Nvidia's site, but the above is what I did and all was well.
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