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Default Re: kwin: XRender "slow" (as usual), OpenGL much slower (new problem)

Originally Posted by thefirstm View Post
What video card are you using, and what driver version are you using? Also, what KDE version are you using?
oh sry, forgot to mention that

Video card: GeForce 8600M GT
Driver: 185.18.04
(iirc I didn't find one with good kwin opengl performance (tried 180.5x). This could lead to the conclusion that this is not a driver issue. But maybe some component (updated) connected to the driver (Xorg, Kernel, ..., kwin?) is able to trigger these problems? Imo the high X cpu usage is kinda suspicious.)
KDE: live trunk build (some days ago; >=20090428); Qt 4.5.1 (with qt-copy patches)
xorg-server: 1.6.1

I'm having these problems for some weeks, don't know if this can be a kwin issue (anyone who knows?)
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