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Default Re: Desktop Video corruption & VDPAU playback freeze w/180.44 and 185.19 on 8400GS

Originally Posted by cehoyos View Post
To clarify that this is not (simply) CPU-speed-related, I'd like to repeat that I was not able to permanently reproduce the problems on my Pentium III 500.
I would definitely agree with that. I suspect the aging power supply, interrupts, or some motherboard aspect was responsible. I'm leaning toward the power supply, as there was also the desktop corruption that I was experiencing independent of any vdpau hiccups. I've talked to MS-Windows users who put in graphic cards, where their PC had inadequate power to run the card, and they saw such effects under a different OS (which supports the inadequate power supply theory).

Again, my apologies for wasting the time of those trying to help on this thread.
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