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I have issues with that entire FS review. Not to mention their conclusions about AF are simply OFF. (actually I was thinking of their latest 5900U review)

Its funny how people will pick the one review out of 10 that *somehow* comes up with a conclusion they like to *prove* their point of view.

lets look at some of the other Quotes from this article.
EDIT 8/22/03: Taking a closer look at the image, you can see slight differences between the RADEON 9800 PRO and the GeForce FX 5900 Ultra, specifically if you look at the white rock on the left, just above the shoreline. Textures on the ATI card are slightly crisper than the GeForce FX, giving the 5900 Ultra a slightly blurrier look in comparison
There is a much more pronounced discrepancy with 4x antialiasing enabled. The RADEON 9800 Pro maintains sharp textures and smoother lines, while the GeForce FX 5900 Ultra applies a more washed-out effect to the image. To illustrate the difference, check out the rock in the blown-up image (200 percent):
The anisotropic filtering shots are not very conclusive. Both images are of comparable quality ; even blown up to 200 percent, the variance between them is too subtle to note.
It’s a close race with all of the “eye-candy” turned up. NVIDIA continues to maintain a clear filtering advantage, while ATI’s anti-aliasing implementation is undoubtedly better. This one would have to go to subjective preference, as there are trade-offs apparent in each architecture.
Which i have a HUGE problem with because these guys went out of their way to chose screenshots that happen to be at the Peak weakest point of Atis Adaptive method. If you were to look at other shots from a normal Field of view the Radeon image would undoubtedly be BETTER. Especially at 16x AF. Combine that with the AA and its a no brainer. All these shots used to compare are taken out of normal game experience.
The same issues that surfaced in NASCAR crop up once again in IL2. The RADEON 9800 Pro does a better job with anti-aliasing, while the GeForce FX demonstrates superior anisotropic filtering.
Again.. these screenshots are CLEARLY taken intentionally at the worst case sinario for ATi's Adaptive method. I have to wonder why they keep doing that. Most of the rest of the time the AF will look equal or Superior (16x).

Pretty Suspicious behavior if you ask me. their recent 5900U article is even more troubblesome.
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