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Default Re: I have $400 for a new video card.....

Originally Posted by musman View Post
the 4850 is a good card, i probably should just get another one. They don't make my exact card anymore, this is the replacement. I'm sure its the same card just with different cooling. I really don't want this card because the fan runs at 100% all the time and there is no way to slow it down. Can I use any 4850 512mb card to do crossfire with my existing card?
yea there is. just use the ati cp to turn fan speed down. the 4870 i have at 100% is insane loud, at 35% its much much quieter than the 7950gx2 i had, and the temps are max 50ishC in crysis.

when in idle i have it sitting at 25%.

would not use ati card if fan at 100% is what u want, 35% is more than enuf to bring temps down.
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