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Default Re: Latest nvidia cards, legacy in future, and no more supported

Any news on tentative date of xorg 1.6 compatible nvidia 71.86 drivers ? please please atleasr I need that.

GeForce2 Integrated GPU 0x01A0 is mentioned in 96xx supported list. I have this GPU in my Asus A7N266-Vm motherboard which never works. 71.86 used to work uptill xorg 1.4. These has been discussed earlier in other topics with bug reports but no improvement was ever made.

I know the answers of developer would be "as and when it is ready". But it has been one year since the incompatibility started.

As of Nouvea, 2d is great, glxgears is double than NV, but no 3D yet, could not change display resolutions (Ubuntu Intrepid with nouveau drivers from official repo).

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