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Default Re: Asus M3N78 Pro with igp geforce 8300 woes on 64 bit ubuntu

Qwertyed: It looks like your Nvidia driver is sharing an IRQ with a USB1 hub.

This can be stable since USB1 is mostly used for things like keyboard/mice/etc nowadays and those device do not do generate much data.

I have not been able to control how the IRQs are shared at boot so it is possible on your next reboot it will be shared with something else and cause problems. Not for sure but possible, I had encountered periods of stability like this before. If you don't use any USB1 hardware on that hub then you have the nvidia driver on it's own irq more or less.

you can run "lsusb" to see what bus your usb hardware is on and compare that to your /proc/interrupts file

To alter the IRQ you need to check if you kernel has PCI MSI enabled. Your /proc/interupts would look similar to mine with some of the devices showing "PCI-MSI-edge". If you don't see any then I would doubt that your kernel has MSI enabled.

I do not yet know how to determine if the default kernel has PCI-MSI enabled without looking in the kernel config file.

You might find some config files under /boot/

If you do find the one for your kernel version. You can see your kernel version with "uname -r"

If you find a config file for it then you can use this command to see if PCI-MSI is enabled

cat config-filename | grep CONFIG_PCI_MSI

you should see


if not then I would think that MSI is NOT enabled and you could build a new kernel, update your system to a newer kernel or update the whole system.

I pretty much use ubuntu only now and all of this applies to it. With other distros some things can be different.
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