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Default 9800 GTX display freaking and locking up machine

I have a 9800 GTX and am running Mandriva 2009.1 32-bit with kernel My card seems to work normally for periods of time, but will lock up at random during screensavers or while playing flash videos. The display turns one of number of random colors and the mouse pointer turns into a square. I can't drop to a shell or anything, all I can do is reset the machine. As long as the machine is idling it is fine. This happens with or without compiz running. I had the same issue in Kubuntu 8.10 64-bit.

I know that it is not a hardware issue, as I installed Win XP to a secondary drive just to test for that. Also if I disable the nvidia driver and run a lower resolution it does not occur either. I have 180.51 installed, it also did it with the older one, 177 something think. I cannot find anything in the logs that would indicate a problem, but I am still looking.
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