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Default Re: I have $400 for a new video card.....

Originally Posted by musman View Post
I have a feeling these new cards that are coming out are going to be ungodly expensive. The GTX-275 is looking good for several reasons.

#1 A lot of people on the FSX forums (I play FSX a lot) are using this or similar cards.
#2 It has OpenGL 3.0 support.
#3 I have been told these are better for Physx, too be honest I'm not really sure how important that is lol.

#4 Price
ati cant afford to put there prices up, and nvidia is following after ati release, so nvidia can't put them up unless the performance is really that good to make its price worth it.

for $400 i am pretty sure when ati comes out there flagship card would be below/close to $400, so buying one now is defiantly not the best move.

nvm u brought one, grats.
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