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Default Re: I have $400 for a new video card.....

Originally Posted by K007 View Post
ati cant afford to put there prices up, and nvidia is following after ati release, so nvidia can't put them up unless the performance is really that good to make its price worth it.

for $400 i am pretty sure when ati comes out there flagship card would be below/close to $400, so buying one now is defiantly not the best move.

nvm u brought one, grats.
Your probably right by saying it wasn't the best move, but I did and its a really good card. There is always something better coming out. I figure I could alway buy another one and do SLI. I did wait for the Core I7 to come out, and that was a good move. Other than Crysis, I will be able to play everything at the highest settings for a long time to come.....i hope
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