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Default Re: I have $400 for a new video card.....

Originally Posted by musman View Post
I guess I need to read up on this physx thing everyone is talking about. I don't think my 600psu will like another card lol. Do you need some special software for physx? What would be a good card for that?
No. PhysX will run fine on your 285. It's bundled with the driver and automatically installs. It should enable by default in the nVidia CP. People are suggesting a "mid range" as in getting a second card like a 9600GT and using it solely for PhysX duty. It would increase FPS in games that utilize PhysX and at 1680x, I don't think you will be hurting with that 285 doing it all.

If you did use another card for PhysX, you would simply install the 9600GT, or whatever, in your second PCi-e 16x slot without connecting it to your main card with an SLi bridge. You could then select it in the nVidia CP. In my experience the nVidia CP should select it automatically for PhysX duty. Grats on the 285. It's a good one and you selected one from a company with great support.

If I were you I'd use the official 182.50 drivers. You can get them below.

BTW EVGA support end user overclocking so you can freely boost the clocks on your card without voiding your warranty. They even provide a tool for such a thing.
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