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Default Re: GTX 285 96C in Furmark okey ?

Originally Posted by Cream View Post
Wow just ran this on my system (spec below), think I have serious air flow issues.

With the side of the case on I've gone up to 90c in about 5 min's.
with it off I'm running at 76c.

I'm really surprised how bad the air flow is, as it's a full tower with a very clean install. Going to have to look at getting a front fan installed.


Idle temps have also dropped with the side off from 55c to 41c, now that's a big difference..
Well added a 120 fan to the base, pulling air from the front with no difference in temps

not sure why the air flow is so bad. I've got
1x 120mm fan in base
1x 120mm fan to rear
and 2 x 120mm fans to top

yet even if I just open the side by about 5deg(hinged to bottom) the temps drop by about 15c.

edit, couple of pics added...

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