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Default Re: Hard drive performance.

Question.... this got me wanting to run HDtune on my new caviar black (less than a month old). I hadn't run it since I had my old seagate 160GB drive that was extremely slow.

The first one I ran was all over the place. It started out in the 120 MB/s range and would fall all the way to the 3 MB/s range. The graph looked like this \/\/\/\/\/\/\

I knew right away something wasn't right. I had ghosted the old drive over to here and hadn't done a defrag or anything yet so I did that and... no luck same result.

Checked to make sure all the performance options were checked for the drive and they were. Decided to run a chkdsk /f and that didnt pick anything up.

I downloaded wd's lifeguard tools and ran the quick s.m.a.r.t test. It said it would take 2 min... it ended up taking 13+ but afterward said everything was ok.

Ran HDtune again and got this result

I'm not familiar with the WD life guard tools. Is it possible the quick scan fixed some bad clusters/sectors? I had been getting some freezing in empire total war when clicking on naval units that I had attributed to a crappy cpu, but watched the G15 performance display and noticed the processor stays under 50% even while it freezes which makes me think it may have been the drive.

It's odd as I'm not seeing anything else wrong and the system is overall MUCH faster than it was with the old Seagate. I'm going to load up empire and see what happens now but any suggestions would be great.
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