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Default Re: VDPAU slower than software-only?

Originally Posted by ssnyder View Post
VDPAU performance can not be measured like this.
That's it? No explanation?
I'll try to explain:
When playing a moderate-bitrate 1080p sample (like an Apple HD trailer) with -nosound -benchmark, it seems that software decoding is a lot faster (finished earlier) on my computer than VDPAU accelerated decoding (not matter which - useful - vo I use for software decoding).
OTOH, the Samsung (deep ocean) trailer immediately shows heavy desync on my E8400 with software decoding, but decodes fine with VDPAU.
So while there are (many) samples that indicate "VDPAU is slower than software-decoding", it actually isn't for most real-world scenarios that matter.
(Of course you may have a processor that can decode any sample faster than VDPAU, but that is not the case for most people, and it also doesn't contradict what I tried to say when I wrote that benchmark is not useful to test VDPAU's performance.)

Carl Eugen
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