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Default Re: mplayer-svn w/ VDPAU playing 1080p on 8200 based motherboard (m3n78-vm)

1st something is strange with the command line. When I do your command line:

mplayer-svn -v -vc ffmpeg12mc <filename>

or when I do the command line that I thought I should be do

mplayer-svn -v -vo xv -vc ffmpeg12mc < filename >

the same thing happens: no video.

However the strange part is if I modify ~/.mplayer/config like so:


And then run the following

mplayer-svn -v <filename>

The video is fine! Well not fine, I am at 100% cpu and it is jerky, but I get video. I am still getting the narration track for the audio ( vlc plays correctly ), but I think this is some other issue.

When I change the config file to be:

vc=ffmpeg12vdpau,ffh264vdpau,ffvc1vdpau,ffwmv3vdpa u

And I run

mplayer-svn -v < filename >

I actually see video, but it is totally unrecognisable. Also audio still wrong track. Here is the output from both with the following options:

mpalery-svn -v -frames 1 <filename>

attached are vdpauoutput.txt and xvoutput.txt

Thanks for any help you can give...
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