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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
is there anyway to skill the tortuga begining town?

It seems excactly the same as in the beta, doesn't intrest me. want to just skip it
Its ment be a learning area m8(alot of people now uses white sands as a pvp xp grind area), I for one love the game more & more every time they release a patch .. If only it was like it is now on release date, It would have kept 90% of the origional players.

Ive always rolled in the fury PvP server with ALL my chars.

If id have kept my origional ranager that i uesed on release date i would have easily had a lvl 80 char(ranger), Instead i can never make up my mind, the bear shaman suck at low lvl but are great at higher lvls, the ranger is a beast at low lvls but poor at higher lvls, The mage's give good damage but have no armour ....

Right now im a lvl 46 conq, This is the second highest char ive levled up so far,Taken weaponsmith & armoursmith as trade skills.

Just need to do some pvp xp grinding.

I love this game even more than i did on release date ...
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