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Default Save me some time and heartache, please

Ok, I just pulled the trigger on an EVGA 285 refurb to replace the SLI'd 8800 GTS's in this systerm. Good idea? From all I've read it is.

Now, all my upgrades result in upgrades to machines I've donated to my family. My grandsons machine is an AMD dual core running @ 3.0GHZ with SLI 7800 GT's.

Will a single 8800 GTS be faster than those two 7800 GT cards @ 1024x768? In other words, is it worth the hassle to go swap that out? I think the PSU will handle the 8800 cards but the case is kinda small and even though I cut a couple of holes in it to add two 120mm fans, it's in a corner with bad ventilation and the 8800 GTS's put off lots of heat and need to plenty of airflow to be happy since I modded the bios to higher clocks.

That's the first question.

Second, and pardon me for being too lazy to look for myself (busy with work, etc.) but assuming I only use one 8800GTS card in the kids machine, can I use one in my main rig as a physx card?

Thanks for reading, and any response that helps me.

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