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Default 185.18.08 crashes KDE4 w/ composite


Just tried 185.18.08 and finally the console font gets properly restored. I have no idea how long I had to live with this. Thanks. :-)

Unfortunately, with desktop effects active, KDE4.2 crashes w/ 185.18.08. If I turn off the composite extension or only the desktop effects themselves, it works... at least for my short testing. The crashes occurs during KDE4.2 startup, even before the desktop gets faded in.

Reverting back to 185.18.04 worked. So this is defintively a regression. You'll find the bug report attached. Please ignore the API mismatch message. That happened while I was testing around. All crashes happened w/ the proper kernel modules/x driver versions.

Hope that still helps. If there is anything I can do, let me know.

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