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Default Re: Framelock Setup Problems

Alright so update time. We switched back to the 177 drivers and the framelock panel is there now. After contacting nvidia support and figuring some things out we found out that we will need to configure via the command line to setup everything at startup for us. In doing this we were unable to add anything other than :0.0. Well we found out that there were 2 things stopping us. First is that you need to stop gdm from blocking all X display requests. We did this by adding the line
under the [security] section of /etc/gdm/custom.conf. Second, you need to have xhost setup to accept the server. For right now we are simply doing xhost + but will probably change this to simply adding the servers explicitly to the list of trusted hosts in xhost. There is probably also a better way for that disallowTCP thing, but it works for now. Just note that this has the potential to be a big security hole.
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