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Default Re: GTX 275 vs 8800GTS?

Originally Posted by AStaley View Post
I have the oportunity to get a GTX 275 at 50% discount, how much more powerful is it over the 8800GTS?

Is it worth me upgrading now, or waiting until the DX11 parts are out? I'll probably get the same deal on a DX11 part.

Thanks, AStaley.
Originally Posted by XDanger View Post
Technically it's more like 137, for the EVGA GTX 275 SSC

As I've recently found, working in the IT industry and having contact with volume suppliers really has it's advantages.

Anyway, placed my order for the GTX 275. Thanks for the responses.

System Spec;

Antec P182 Case, Corsair HX650w PSU
Asus P5E X38 Motherboard,Intel Q9650@3Ghz
4Gb Corsair 1066Mhz
BFG 8800 GTS 512 OC, Samsung SM-2223BW Monitor
Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer
Seagate HD 500gb
Windows Vista Ultimate
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