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Default Re: Asus M3N78 Pro with igp geforce 8300 woes on 64 bit ubuntu


I would suggest the following

1: try to get everything but nvidia on PCI-MSI. This can be difficult since you might need to rebuild a kernel with PCI_MSI enabled.

1a: You might be able to tell if MSI is enabled by doing the following
(the following commands need to be run as root, you can use sudo , su , or login as root )

rmmod snd_hda_intel
modprobe snd_hda_intel enable_msi=1

then check your /proc/interrupts file to see it is listed with PCI-MSI-edge

Note: I have not tested this so it might not work for determining if you have MSI enabled or not, the kernel config file would be better. You might have to google for it but it should be available somewhere if you are using the stock kernel for your distro.

2: Turn off firewire (ohci1394) if you don't need it and see if that will free up an irq for nvidia

3: Move what ports your usb devices are on to get the nvidia driver on it's own irq more or less. Check /proc/interrupts and lsusb after boot, maybe turn off X once you know what irq nvidia is using.
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