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Default Re: [Bug Report] KDE4 Plasma looses theming and fonts with 180.44/180.51/185.19

can't be an NVidia driver bug, because I got this at work (ATI FireGL, open source radeon driver) and on my laptop (intel graphics driver) as well -> must be a plasma bug (very annoying though)
btw: to follow the mailing list without being subscribed to it, here's the link to the mail "save" was referring to:

I already had a quick look into reporting that to the kde bug system but found lots of plasma-related bugs and wasn't quite sure how to name this one (it might have even been in there already - some sounded quite alike),
@save: since you already have the bugtraces, could you maybe have another look into that and report that? - you might post a link here for us to vote on it
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