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Default Re: mplayer-svn w/ VDPAU playing 1080p on 8200 based motherboard (m3n78-vm)

Sorry I don't know my VC1 from a hole in the wall. I don't think the trouble is realted to VC1, because this one plays just fine with low cpu so I know vdpau is working:
Playing /mnt/rfs/video/IMAX.Blue.Planet.Blu-ray.REMUX.1080P.VC-1.TrueHD.DD51.F_Silu.DISK2.ts.
TS file format detected.
VIDEO VC1(pid=4129) AUDIO A52(pid=4134) NO SUBS (yet)! PROGRAM N. 1
Searching for VC1 sequence header... found
VIDEO: VC-1 1920x1080, 23.976 fps, header len: 33
I will post more when I get home, but can you be more specific about the lack of VC1 support, why does this one play?
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