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Default Re: Windows 7 RC Available To Technet & MSDN

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
What is your BIOS set to? IDE? AHCI? RAID? on my x58 the installer doesn't detect the hdds when bios is set to AHCI, have to install Intel drivers.

But on my laptop with mobile Intel 945 (need to check) Bios is set to AHCI, and it detects everything fine.
Hey nekro, I tried IDE and compatibility on an Asus X38 board. I didn't try AHCI as my daily use OS is on this as well, and was installed IDE.

Thing is, the bios sees it, the OS sees it now that the OS is on a third hdd, and even the driver browser during install could see it, but the installer itself couldn't. So it shows up everywhere but there.

I may just leave as is, this deskstar is pretty quick for an older drive, and use the 7200.11 for games and storage.
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