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The one thing that Thief and Splinter Cell most have in common is atmosphere. In both games you feel so utterly immersed in what you're doing, it's just beautiful. The ambience effects in both games are certainly top notch, and this is something that simply MUST be transferred to newer titles. If this new Thief game would end up being the bees-bloody-knees of Thief games, but with horrible ambience / sound effects / music, then it could seriously drag it down.

Thief 1 & 2 had an extremely spooky atmosphere going, even with the limitations of the time. The way you first heard those spooky voices and zombie like shamblings in and about the mines of the intial levels of Thief 1... Don't know about you guys, but I **** myself. Thief 3 was much less 'serious' with its ambience, but it still had PERFECT (in my opinion) soundscapes. I loved firing an arrow at a Hammer Guard, running for my life and hiding in a patch of bushes or some dark alley, being able to hear them stealthing about out there, looking for me, calling for backup or taunting me...

It's just that kind of thing that really makes such a huge difference. They NEED to get that right! Right?
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