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Default v185.18; Only root can login

I have a Dell Latitude D830 w/Nvidia Quadro 140M 512MB
OS: OpenSUSE11.1 32bits w/KDE4.22

Currently i use Nvidia Beta v185.13 and it works ok. two tree times the laptop freeze and LED-indicators indicate a GFX-problem, but this is rarely.

I tried the latest Beta v185.18 and it install OK.
the only problem is that only "root" can login to KDE4. If i try to login as default user, then the GUI restart and login-GUI comes back.
I renamed .kde4 to create new .kde4 but with same result.
I create a new user and tried to login, but with same result.

Lucky me i still had the installation-file for 185.13 and rolled back to the old Beta and now i can login as normal.
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