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Default Re: applying twinview automatically at login?

Originally Posted by rainerklier View Post
you have nothing to do.
i have the same situation here.
at work i have second monitor attached to my notebook.
at home i don't have second monitor.
ich configured my xorg.conf to use second monitor.
when starting the notebook at home, the nvidia driver detects, that there is a second monitor configured but not attached.
it logs this situation in the /var/log/Xorg.0.log but starts up normally and works like there was no second monitor configured in xorg.conf.
when starting the notebook at work with second monitor attached (with docking-station/port-replicator) it uses it like configured in xorg.conf.
i have attached my xorg.conf.
you can check and compare with your xorg.conf.
you propably will have to change some values (resolutions, DFP-1 instead of DFP-2,...) to fit your needs.
but that should be no big problem i think.
Thanks, this does seem to work well enough indeed! I wonder if this solution will still work though, if I end up getting a second monitor at home too?
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