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Default Re: New Ghostbusters Trailer!

Originally Posted by LordJuanlo View Post
So what will happen with PC version?. It will be released in Europe on christmas, but in America on summer, so european players will want to play the game when it's released, and probably a big number of them will download a pirated copy because Sony/Atari will only give them two options: wait half a year or pirate it.

When christmas arrive Atari will blame piracy for not selling a single PC game. Ah the irony...
I'm probably the most anti-piracy member of this forum, but everyone in Europe has the Official StingingVelvet Piracy is OK Moral Assurance to download Ghostbusters when it releases in the US.

A 6 month wait for no reason other than to get 4 people to maybe buy a PS3 is just ridiculous and anti-consumer.
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