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Default Re: IGP 8300 freezes with 177 and 180 on ubuntu

Originally Posted by Qwerted View Post
185.19. But 185.18.08 is newer so you might want to try it
Tried. No change.
Really, someone should refund/exchange the board. When you go through the forum, a good number is on the Asus, and many on the M3N78 PRO. I already wrote to Asus w.r.t. my problems, but in effect their answer was 'no chance'.

My other system is a Biostar (cough-cough) TF-7050, and it runs absolutely beautiful and stable; including sharing interrupts for nvidia and all (agreed, it needed a BIOS-flash). It runs for weeks without any segfault nor crash. This is why I bought the Asus: I wanted something even better. Alas, what I have now is crap. If someone wants to swap, I'll swap anytime and throw in a drink, nevermind the Asus was some 30$ more expensive.
Since it seems neither Nvidia nor Asus are willing to actually concede that there is a problem at combining both their products, as of now I can only discourage buying either.
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