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Default GTA IV ridiculously low FPS

I have a fairly powerful system with a quad core Phenom II 3.2 Ghz, am ATI 4890, and 4 GB ram.

However, for some reason GTA IV is absolutely crawling at around 2-20 FPS (literally!) and even I find that I get no improvement when I lower graphical settings all the way down to 640x480. It used to run great when I had a 4870 512MB card..

All I can think of is that the additional 512 MB of VRAM on this card is hurting me, since I only have 32 bit windows. Does this sound like a possiblity? Anyone in here running it fine with <= 3 GB ram?

EDIT: drivers are the same.. heck, I didn't even touch them, I just swapped in the new card.
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