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Default Re: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Call of Prypiat

Gameworld Navigator magazine preview.

- The game follows the "true" ending line where Gunslinger destroyed C-Consciousness. But, all the stuff with the grass, birds and green leaves... wasn't meant to be Zone disappearing. Only Gunslinger saw that and this is a mystery what truly happened to him.

- There will be less stalkers than in CS and even SoC, GSC want to show that they're guests in aggressive environment, not rulers of the place.

- Monsters AI will be reworked to make their behavior more interesting and well-looking, especially in combat (for example, a dog won't stand in one place and repeatedly play bite animation, it'll move and attack smart). By the way, the mutant are not the united aggressive pack of creatures thinking only about killing as many stalkers as possible. There will be carnivores and herbivores, various conflicts etc.

- The factions won't be so black-and-white like in CS, with the same members, sharp borders etc. They're just a groups of people with the similar principles, not aggressive freaks looking for opposite faction members. Their leaders are smart and calm men who can solve the problems with words, not bullets

- Developers agree that the main fail points of CS were bugs, weak storyline and faction war. They are going to additionally hire some specialized companies to do very accurate testing together. They wrote the new storyline a lot more accurate, consulting with writers etc. The amount of action will be reduced a lot to help atmosphere of loneliness, desolation and concealed danger.

- There will be the freeplay mode after the game ending - for fans who want to completely solve all the quests, explore the territory and find all the secrets

- Confirmed again: there won't be any of the old locations.
- Confirmed again (!): yes, there will be about 70 unique quests.

- There won't be any significant changes in multiplayer, because developers decided to fully concentrate on singleplayer (yeah, at last!)
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