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Default Re: Quadro FX5600 G-sync II issues.

OK, I've done an upgrade across the first 5 systems to 64 bit 180.29, which detects the gsync and gives me green lights.
I have to admit to having total ignorance of how the stereo settings are managed under linux. I took delivery of a (as described) buggy pre-installed system.

I'm stuck now because stereo shuttering still isn't working. My cards seem to be nvidia badged reference cards in SUN boxes, so there's no direct support channel I can follow.

Projector timings in the Xorg seem ok, everything is plugged in, the din connector should feed to the shutterglasses, but I have a nagging doubt that there's an options file somewhere that I missed with the last update, and will still be set wrong now. Can anyone suggest the 'usual things' list that I should look to ensure everything is in place for stereo shuttering over din?

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