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Default 16:10 aspect ratio

I purchased a new monitor Samsung P2270 - it tells me on screen, it works best at 1600x900.
This is hooked to a GeForce 7000 series adapter. I'm running Solaris 10u7, nvidia driver:
Version: 180.51

I have a couple of problems, when using nvidia-settings - the default color depth always seems to be set to 24 - I think I found a fix for this problem:

But, so far, my attempts at finding a resolution that works with a 16:10 aspect ration have been in vain. If someone has a 16:10 resolution running, can you post your xorg.conf here?

A couple of tips, not included in the readme.

CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE - will restart the x server, allowing you to quickly test changes to:

Also, a good way to keep out of trouble is to ssh in to the box from another computer and manually tweak xorg.conf remotely, in case you hit a combination that won't properly display.
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