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Question Not too sure about my new GTX-285 :(

I just installed my GTX-285 last night but I'm not sure I am really that happy with it. Maybe I just have no idea what I'm doing and could use some help with the settings. I replaced my MSI HD4850 with the GTX-285. This is all an Windows XP 32bit.

First, I got a lower score with Passmark than I did with the HD4850? But I got a little higher score with 3D Mark

It seems like the HD4850 just looked better while playing, the detail seems lower and the colors don't seem as good.

I did notice a improvement playing Crysis, the Crysis benchmark went up a solid 20FPS over my 4850. However in Crysis Warhead I get all kinds of artifacts now that I never had before. These are really bad, think I need to reinstall......again!

Noticed no improvement with FSX. Yes I know FSX is CPU dependent. With my I7-920 I'm only using about 17% of my CPU and I still cant max out the settings with all the traffic off. The framde rate is locked at 17fps.

The Witcher runs about the same.

Grid shows a little improvement.

X-Plane won't even start now, no surprise, X-Plane is garbage if you ask me.

Company of Heroes runs a little better, but when I run the benchmark now its locked at 60fps. It would go way above that with my 4850. However, when actually playing the game I see an improvement in fps. It stays locked at 60fps during the CofH benchmark and will not go above or below that 60fps mark? Wonder why that is?

Grand Theft Auto 4 runs better. I can crank it up fairly well and get 45-50fps but drops to 25 or so while its raining.

On the Nvidia control panel, what should I do with that? Some of the settings are confusing, I need to read up on that a little more. Does the "Allow Physix" cause a drop in performance?

Maybe I was just expecting too much out of it. I thought it would blow away my HD4850.

I only got to play with it for about 4 hours last night so its too early to make a final judgment. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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