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Default Re: Triplehead config problem - one monitor stays black

Originally Posted by eike23 View Post
Does anyone know if it's possible that the cards cannot work together?
The only limitation I'm aware of is that you need GPUs of the same family
for OpenGL. As per your log, the FX 3500 has a G71GL and the FX 3400
has an NV40GL. However, I once successfully ran UT2004 across three
screens using a 7800 GTX (G70) and a 6600 (NV40), so your setup
might work for 3D, too. Anyway, even if your GPUs are not similar enough,
2D should work across both cards and 3D should at least work for the two
LCDs connected to the FX 3500. As per README:

   o Using identical GPUs is recommended. Some combinations of non-identical,
     but similar, GPUs are supported. If a GPU is incompatible with the rest
     of a Xinerama desktop then no OpenGL rendering will appear on the screens
     driven by that GPU. Rendering will still appear normally on screens
     connected to other supported GPUs. In this situation the X log file will
     include a message of the form:

(WW) NVIDIA(2): The GPU driving screen 2 is incompatible with the rest of
(WW) NVIDIA(2):      the GPUs composing the desktop.  OpenGL rendering will
(WW) NVIDIA(2):      be disabled on screen 2.
You have GLX enabled, but there is no such warning in your log, so I guess
the driver thinks your GPUs are similar enough for 3D operation, but doesn't
make use of the second card at all without any further notice ... very strange

Originally Posted by eike23 View Post
Could it help to try two similar cards?
You may give it a try (I'm pretty sure it will fix the problem).

Originally Posted by eike23 View Post
Damn, I'm working with one black monitor on my desk for quite a month now.
If it's urgent, you may also try a different solution that gets rid of the
annoying re-draw events when moving windows across screen boundaries
and will even allow you to run a composition WM and :

Originally Posted by eike23 View Post
My productivity is only two-thirds right now
In this case, you could triple your productivity (from the current state)
with the following variant:
(check post #26)


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