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Default Re: Not too sure about my new GTX-285 :(

Originally Posted by Maverick123w View Post
I would imagine you would see a similar increase to what I saw going from an 8800GTS 320 to a Radeon 4770. Performance has increased anywhere from 50-100% in my games. Maybe at your res, the 285 cant really stretch out its legs?

Though with getting lower scores and artifacting there could be a problem with the card itself. I know cpus can downclock if they start getting too hot I'd imagine a video can as well. You didn't remove and reseat the heatsink for some reason did you?
No absolutely not, I never touched the heatsink. My CPU and GPU temps are good. I have the fan set at 65% on the GPU and never rose above 70 while playing Crysis. I have a watt meter plugged into my wall with my entire computer plugged into the watt meter and it never rose above 400watts. I have a 650watt PSU.
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