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Default Re: Not too sure about my new GTX-285 :(

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
There is obviously some kind of problem... that's why he's posting about it...

musman, your OS may actually be hurting you pretty bad here. With a 1Gb video card you're probably left with less than 3Gb of available system memory in a 32bit OS.

If I were you I'd definitely start switching to Windows 7 or Vista for your gaming and general usage.

I see in your specs that you have Windows 7 installed already. Have you tried using that at all?

To be 100% sure that it isn't a driver\OS problem I'd reinstall Windows 7 (or Vista) x64 from scratch.

Also, you should overclock that CPU. An i7 920 is good, but if a game isn't multithreaded it isn't anything special. If you push it to 3.6Ghz or more you'll see a large performance increase. 4Ghz+ is possible with a good air cooler on an i7 920.
You know, you may have something there! I never checked my RAM after I installed this card. It was down to 2.5Gb with my 4850. Ill check it when I get home.

Check my out my post about my RAM issue:

I had to set the "memory low Gap" in the bios from 1536 to 1024. now I am seeing 3.0Gb of RAM, however, doing that really screwed up GTA4. All the graphics were turning black and there were all kinds of weird stuff going on.

I have not really tried many games in Windows 7 yet. I just don't want to install everything then half to reinstall it all when the official W7 comes out.
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