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Default Re: Save me some time and heartache, please

What a nightmare!


If you have an abit IN9 Max mobo, you will have to dremel this card to make it fit!

It seems they've moved the DVI connector lower on this card and as such, the little black plastic tab inline with the edge connector of the card hits a capacitor on the mobo.

You can tell that the only thing that tab covers is the nut for the screw on the DVI connector, so I wasn't afraid of cutting it off. This being a refurbed card gave me a little extra comfort too. Anyhow, on with the show!

This is a great card! It is not a whole lot faster than the Sli'd 8800GTS's I replaced but I can now max out AA and ANSIO and not get any micro-stutter and usually no FPS hit. They best benefit to me though is the amount of heat this card puts out is a lot less than the two 8800's. I recently moved my main rig from the basement into a spare bedroom and it's not even summer yet but this room is always about 10 degrees hotter than the rest of the house. It's a lot cooler in here now!

Overall verdict:

Worth it for me for increased IQ and less heat. No real FPS gains to speak of because my OC'd 8800's kicked butt too but I could not crank up the visuals as high as I can now either.
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