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Default Re: Not too sure about my new GTX-285 :(

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
Ohhh... wow, I didn't know DFI had a Micro-ATX X58 board.

I just recently read about Asus releasing one and I thought it was the first.

That's pretty crazy man. I'd keep an eye on the GPU temps if I were you.
Yea! Its the "Worlds fastest microATX board" LOL...That what the advertisements say

I have been keeping an eye on it, so far so good. Do you think I should put a case fan in it somewhere?..............I kids I kid I have a fan in the front sucking air in, one in the back sucking air out, one on the PSU that sucks air out the back and a slot fan in the back that sucks air out from the bottom of the case. I also have a fan where the CPU duct goes, that is sucking air in and blowing on the CPU. The GPU also sucks air out the back. But yes I have been watching the temps.
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