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Default Re: Not able to run Xorg 1.5.3 on a GeForce 9300M (in an EMS64T) using driver ver 180

Hi AaronP,

Originally Posted by AaronP View Post
Your X server is very confused about which device is primary. Please uncomment the BusID line you have in xorg.conf and generate a new log. Please also attach the log from the vesa driver.
I tried to start te x server with both vesa and nvidia drivers enabled see the attachments for the logging. The results with the nvidia driver is exactly the same. The vesa driver still works.

Originally Posted by AaronP View Post
Typically the X server will do a PCI bus scan and list all of the devices it finds right before the line that reads "(II) System resource ranges:". It looks like your X server didn't do that. I'm not sure what could cause that problem, but it sounds like a bug in your X server or kernel. Could your X server have been built without PCI support somehow?
I built the X server as i usually do on gentoo... I will look into what it exactly compiles... I will post it when i have that clear.

thanx in advance!

PS. In the Vesa log there are resources ranges, so i guess that works or at least X tries too. above the first resource scans there is the same line...
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