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Default Re: Not able to run Xorg 1.5.3 on a GeForce 9300M (in an EMS64T) using driver ver 180

Okay, it looks like what's happening here is that the new PCI probe routine is failing to find any PCI devices, which causes it to fall back to the old-style probe routine for the vesa driver, which always works because it bypasses PCI and uses the legacy VGA resources directly.

On X servers with the PCI rework, the NVIDIA driver doesn't plug in an old-style probe routine. The X server is failing to detect any of your PCI devices, so it doesn't call the NVIDIA PCI probe routine at all. Since there's no old-style probe routine, it just fails with "No devices detected."

The fundamental problem here is that your X server cannot find any PCI devices. Please run "ldd /usr/bin/Xorg" and verify that it's linked against libpciaccess. If it's not, I suspect it somehow got compiled with PCI support disabled and I would recommend recompiling it and making sure that it finds libpciaccess correctly.
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