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Default Re: ASUS M3N78 AND GeForce 880GT extremly unstable

Originally Posted by rk81 View Post
First I thought it is a hardware issue and I installed WinXP on a second partition of my hard drive. WinXP works well without any glitches.

So I turned of the nvidia driver and run my Linux with nv only and made sure that the nvidia kernel module is not loaded.

Currently I don't know what I can do to get this system right.

Then I though IRQ sharing could be the cause and I checked my IRQ and saw that the nvidia modul shares the IRQ with the my soundcard and I removed the soundcard and used the onboard one. The system freezes again
The next step was to remove my graphics card and use the GeForce 8200 onboard card. The system freezes once again after minutes. Is the ASUS board really that bad that I'm unable to get a stable system?

So what can I do to get a working linux with my hardware?

There must be a way out
There isn't. Don't buy
- Asus, because they have officially stated not to support Linux
- Nvidia, because you can see from this forum that they don't seem to be willing to see this through; if need be through refunding/replacing a useless mainboard.

But since we are stuck with this mainboard, and I don't feel like throwing a rather costly mainboard into the fire, we might as well have been hit by another snag. Depending on your kernel, would you see a message like this in 'dmesg':
[ 1.348773] ACPI Warning (nspredef-0858): \_TZ_.THRM._PSL: Return Package type mismatch at index 0 - found [NULL Object Descriptor], expected Reference [20080926]
[ 1.348779] ACPI: Expecting a [Reference] package element, found type 0
You'll find it discussed elsewhere, it is a usual occurrence on Ubuntu, and in principle a BIOS problem. Find the reply from Asus as above.

Keep us updated when you have a solution, please!

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