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Default kubuntu 9.04 3d performance regresseion WoW


I'm a happy user of World of Warcraft using wine on linux for many
years. But the update from Kubuntu 8.10 to 9.04 caused a heavy
performance regression, I used to get 10-20 fps even in dalaran,
now I'm down to 5 fps or less, even in the lowest graphic settings.

My hardware is a T61 lenovo notebook with an NVS Quadro 140 inside. I'm running 64bit kubuntu 9.04 with nvidia 180.44 driver.

Is this performance regression a known issue? any hints how to
fix it?

note: yes, I searched the web before asking here. the performance
thread here discusses 2d performance with older driver (does not apply), the stuff in the wine forums discusses settings of older wine versions (does not apply, tried both the ubuntu wine packages as well as the latest wine versions, and I tested those and registry changes without any change).

Regards, Andreas
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