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Default Re: Not too sure about my new GTX-285 :(

Originally Posted by newparad1gm View Post
Cable management is better than mine at least. I was using a Rosewill 630W with my E8200 and GTX 280, and I think I had plenty of headroom there. I think as long as you don't do any overclocking or run ridiculous amounts of peripherals from your system, that PSU should serve you fine.
It isn't the wattage that matters. Its the 12v rails and the overall quality of the unit.

The 500W Antec PSU I had 4 years ago had similar 12v rails (18a and 17a I think) and I was using a much weaker CPU at the time (athlon x2). I can't remember if it was the 7900GTX, 7950GX2 or the 8800GTX that did it (I had them all in a span of 8 months ), but my PSU started whistling and I had to RMA it. I'd never lost a good PSU before that, so I figured it was just overloaded.

Just to be safe, I bought my OCZ GameXStream700W (4 12v rails at 18a each) and used the replacement Antec 500W in another (weaker) system where its been running fine 2 1/2 years with no whistling.

Since then I've been a bit more careful about how much I load onto a PSU, especially if it isn't a good name brand.

If you want to get a new unit musman, there are a lot of options it just depends how much you have to spend. Corsair's PSUs are among the best you can buy, but you're looking at $100 for one that'd be good for your setup.

This OCZ StealthXStream 600W should be good for you though and its cheaper:
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