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Default Re: Not too sure about my new GTX-285 :(

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
It isn't the wattage that matters. Its the 12v rails and the overall quality of the unit.

The 500W Antec PSU I had 4 years ago had similar 12v rails (18a and 17a I think) and I was using a much weaker CPU at the time (athlon x2). I can't remember if it was the 7900GTX, 7950GX2 or the 8800GTX that did it (I had them all in a span of 8 months ), but my PSU started whistling and I had to RMA it. I'd never lost a good PSU before that, so I figured it was just overloaded.

Just to be safe, I bought my OCZ GameXStream700W (4 12v rails at 18a each) and used the replacement Antec 500W in another (weaker) system where its been running fine 2 1/2 years with no whistling.

Since then I've been a bit more careful about how much I load onto a PSU, especially if it isn't a good name brand.

If you want to get a new unit musman, there are a lot of options it just depends how much you have to spend. Corsair's PSUs are among the best you can buy, but you're looking at $100 for one that'd be good for your setup.

This OCZ StealthXStream 600W should be good for you though and its cheaper:
Is Rosewill a cheap PSU manufacture?

What do you think about this one?

I figure I should go way bigger than I need right now for future reason. One day I may want to add another GTX-285 and overclock my CPU.
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