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Default Re: I have $400 for a new video card.....

A GTX 280 will overclock. and if they are both running at the same speed the performance would be the same.the GTX 280 does use around 40watts more ,but you still need a power supply about the same size .I can run my at 704/1566/2600 if I needed it but it is fast enough at its stock clocks of 665/1458/2400.You can save $100 when buying a GTX 280 over a GTX 285.The GTX 285 should overclock farther since it is on a 55mm die and has .7ns memory .But if a person don't overclock they can get a BFG GTX 280 OCX clocked at 665/1458/2400 for $264 and a free game. and spend that $100 on memory or a card for physics.Besides I already had GTX 280 ,I did'nt see so reason to sell it for less then I paid for it and spend over a $100 more for a GTX 285 and gain just a little more performance because it overclocks a little higher.I just think the GTX 280 are at a great price and they are plenty fast enough to hold someone over untill the GT300 comes out.IMO
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