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Thumbs up NVIDIA has restored their good LINUX support opinion in my eyes

If you read my old posts, you can read often that I was very worry about my last NVIDIA deal (last year).
After my last NVIDIA deal I have tested some new ATI Cards on our three computers.

In the same time I have tested every new NVIDIA driver on our one last NVIDIA computer.
I observed the all NVIDIA improvements.
And now I must tell you, we are back to NVIDIA...

I have sold all our ATI Graphics (two Radeon HD 4850) on ebay and replace it with NVIDIA products (like GTX260).

The computers are now much more usable. (DualHead is working smoothly together with 3D, 2D, composite and video)

The major improvements:
Fast 2D (move, scale Windows and other GUI operations)
No problems with KDE 4 in combination with other 2D, 3D application
Adobe Flash uses the Hardware and don't eat 100% CPU resources anymore in HD.

So many thanks to the NVIDIA team and please don't stop the nice support.
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