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Default Re: PhysX officially sucks.

The Cryostasis tech demo was unfair for the 'cpu' users, because it was not 'multi-threaded' (and i also guess that it does not take advantage of the SSE extensions). The funny thing is that CUDA is a SIMT architecture (single instruction multiple threads), so, in theory, it should be 'easy' to port your physics kernel to a multi-core(threaded) cpu. You may think, hey, CUDA is not PhysX, but, even if PhysX is not written in CUDA, the hardware is still SIMT. Everything is a marketing thing. You can do nice physics with a multi-threaded cpu, if you want to write your code properly. Wasn't the PhysX libraries available for the PS3 developers ? (a G7x that does not support CUDA, and a 8 cores Cell cpu)
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