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Default Re: PhysX officially sucks.

Originally Posted by AnandTech;
Do you own an NVIDIA card that supports PhysX?

Yes (6,408 votes) 53%

No (5,170 votes) 43%

ATI users will react negativly towards Physx since their cards dont support it and are jealous.
Originally Posted by AnandTech;
How important is hardware PhysX acceleration in buying software?

Not useful; Hardware physics doesn't matter until it's cross platform (3,685 votes)


According to the poll 61% of people thought Physx was useful/a bonus when buying a game, Even though only 53% of people polled have a Physx capable card!!!!

Havok officially sucks, The wallet inspector told me.

When the choice between cards of the same price bracket is slim, physx tips the balance in favor of NV.
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